Benefits of outsourcing

We don’t need to tell you that paraplanning is a time consuming process. Integrity is here to help put you back in control of what you do best – meeting the needs of your clients.

Whether it is compiling a suitability report, researching products, asset allocation or fund selection, it all takes time. The more time you spend on these activities the less you have to build the profitability of your business.

Using an outsourced company will have lots of positive effects on your business. Remember, if you opted to employ a paraplanner yourself you’d be responsible for sickness and holiday pay, training and exam costs and National Insurance contributions. Oh, and don’t forget workplace pensions…

But you know all that. And you also know that by outsourcing your paraplanning you will have fewer costs and, perhaps most importantly, less stress! The beauty is, you only pay for our services when you need them.


If you outsource your paraplanning these are the benefits you will enjoy:

  • You’ll save time: Free up your most valuable commodity to allow you to do what you do best – servicing your existing clients and generating new business.
  • You’ll save money: You won’t be incurring any permanent staff recruitment costs, salaries, sickness or holiday pay, National Insurance or pension contributions or any other employee benefits.
  • You’ll generate fresh revenue: With the extra time you’ll have you’ll be able to concentrate on increasing the profitability of your business.
  • You’ll get support: Although we work remotely we will be part of your team. You can enjoy the benefits of having an experienced paraplanner close at hand.
  • Fresh thinking: Take the opportunity to discuss new ideas with an experienced and helpful new member of your team.
  • Convenience: You only use our services when you need them.

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